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Since we’ve been having warmer temperatures I started yearning for spring and pussy willows came to mind. They have started appearing in the stores already so I thought it would be a good time to take down my winter wreath and replace it with a pussy willow one.

This easy to make wreath is perfect for the door, they dry in place and won’t change color or drop off, so you could use it year after year if you store it properly.

What you need:

  • Branches of pussy willows ( 2 to 3 bunches)
  • Grapevine, or twig wreaths from Michaels or local craft store
  • Hot glue
  • Hand pruners or secateurs
  • 1 yard of ribbon for hanging  (optional)

1.  Cut the tips of the pussy willow branches so they’re 8 to 10 inches in length, making sure you have some at different lengths.

2.  Starting at the bottom centre of the grapevine wreath insert each end of the cut pussy willow stem with a little glue, work your way up on one side and repeat on the other side.

3.  Create a thin layer around the entire wreath, and then for more fullness, add the rest of the pussy willow stems into both sides of the wreath.

4.  When buying the stems look for some that already are in bloom so your wreath has some color to it.

5.  If you like, finish the wreath by looping ribbon over a section of the wreath form and tying a bow about 10 inches above the wreath. Hang the wreath at the bow.

Pussy willow also look great displayed in tall vases, you can add them to arrangements with flowers, put them on your window ledges or in dark corners of your house.

Looking forward to warmer weather and beautiful spring flowers. Canada Blooms is coming in March so I will keep you updated on new ideas for spring and summer!

Nicola Bishop



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