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Ever since Fabricland moved from O’Connor and Pharmacy, I’ve had to travel across town. But not anymore! Thank you macFAB for moving over to the east side.  The void has finally been filled.

In this new location since this March, Dale Sonier, called his new shop the  “TIFFANY’S” of fabric shops.  And it absolutely is folks.  The new shop, with it’s SOHO-style flag actually reminds me of a luxury boutique, because it has all the best “in season” fabrics, top quality notions (ribbons, huge selection of buttons, etc.), drapery and home décor good and accessories.  They even have felt, which they’ve donated for my “Chair Affair” contribution.  Thank you Dale!

Dale Sonier

macFAB has been around for 13 years, but Dale has been in the fabric business since he was 15 and he has an expert eye for all things beautiful and au courant. This is obvious when his clients include Harry Rosen, interior designers, event planners, and film production houses.

Here’s a peek:

Love, love the selection of printed cottons!

And what I like the most; Dale’s philosophy includes buying local and makes an effort not to buy from China.

There are big things happening on Queen East.  “It’s like what Queen West was like when it was cool” says Dale.  And I have to agree.

There are some really exciting things slated next year for macFAB.  I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so you’ll have to keep your eye on Queen East.

The thing I know for sure is that macFAB is macFABULOUS!

Located at 755 Queen St. East, east of Broadview.   Give them a call at 416-922-6000 or just visit.  They’re open late most nights.



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I might have mentioned one or two times (especially if you’re following my Tweets) that I am donating a chair for the Chair Affair fundraising event for the Furniture Bank.  Well, I’ve finally finished it!  And I’m thrilled to share with you the process of making my Chair Cozy.

My final decision to make the “Cozy”  originally came for the animated Beauty and the Beast. Remember how the furniture was enchanted?  I love that movie. Since the chair has throughout history been the symbol of support for the human body, I decided to take the concept of the seat a little farther. Like Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, this chair not only supports you but will embrace and protect you as you snuggle in it’s arms.

Here’s how I did it:

First –  the plans

Then I gathered sweaters at Goodwill Buy the Pound and sorted them out according to the colour palette I had planned.

Then I ordered garment tags, picked up the felt and other supplies and had the word panels made by Wendy at The Wool Mill.

Then I sanded and painted the chair a matte black and fastened the felt to the seat with bolts.

Now the real fun!  Since making a pattern would just be silly, I measured and taped off my dining table to make the panels from.

Sew, sew, sew…  After almost breaking my serger and single stitch machine and 6 needles later…

The Chair Affair will be held on October 21st. So mark your calendars!

If you would like to make a bid for this chair or any other, please go to the Chair Affair.

A humungous thank you goes out to Patty Lowry for the wonderful words, Wendy Mortimer at The Wool Mill for the knit panels & supplies and Dale at macFAB for the felt!


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