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Yes, you heard me.

“Snob”, which is one of my fave shops is having a fantastic Spring Sale, just in time for all of my friends who have just bought a house and are decorating.

“Snob” is a store that brings in amazing furniture and accessories from Africa.  No other store in this part of Canada offers these beautiful treasures. Read more about  “Snob” here.  I generally don’t like to list prices, but this sale is too good not to share.

These prices last until April 17 only!



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When I first saw the name of this store at IIDEX this year, I thought, “Is it the owner’s name, because surely, it can’t actually be SNOB”.  But when I asked Jill, the manager, why the word SNOB, she explained that it was because Denise Zidel, the owner, will pick only the most unique and well crafted pieces for the store. OK, that was acceptable to me.

So when I visited the store, I immediately understood.  Tucked away in the very cool warehouse loft spaces on Carlaw,  SNOB occupies a huge space full of beautiful hand crafted pieces from all over Africa. In fact, that’s where Denise is now.

Denise, travels there about 6 times a year.  She supports many African artists and especially women’s groups by buying their hand crafted pieces.  All are of incredibly high quality and beauty, like nothing you’ll see anywhere else in Toronto.

SNOB has been in this location for about 4 years and unless you were looking for the sign and banners while driving, you would miss it.  But pay attention because this is definitely a place worth searching out.

Here are my faves:

Felted Rock Pillows

Exotic Lighting

Gorgeous leather recliner

Beautiful upholstered sofa’s in customizeable fabrics

Lucite shelving

Handcrafted beadwork

My absolute fave – Oxidized gold and nickel plated Egyptian Chandeliers!

Many pieces can be customized.  Simply inquire with Jill.

And head on down there yourself to get the full effect of these gorgeous items.

SNOB is located at 388 Carlaw Ave. on the second floor, #202, just north of Dundas St.


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While picking up some paint at one of my suppliers (Russell from Nabor’s Paint) I got into a discussion about soccer.  Now, I’m not one to talk sports, in fact, other than track and field in high school I really could care less.  Even with a household full of boys, sports are never the focus of discussion.

But with World Cup fever, how can you not want to watch?  How can you not get swept up in the frenzy when our construction workers are shutting down sites to watch their home teams play? And just keeping track of who’s playing and winning is fun. Besides basketball, soccer is my favourite sport to watch.

But it’s not Russell’s favourite.  Russell went on a rant about “stats” or whatever.  He also said that it’s a boring simple game.  Stephen Colbert said the same thing the other night!  What!?  No Stephen. Say it ain’t so!

Other than US football (which I think is one of the dumbest games ever) all sports are simple!  There’s only one objective common to all sports. “Get the ball/puck/pigskin in the net/goal/homeplate” Russell!

It’s whether the sport has any excitement and entertainment value that I’m concerned with.  And that doesn’t include the half-time show, people.

So in honour of the World Cup, I’m dubbing Friday’s – “Africa Friday “. Where I’ll bring to you art and design from South Africa.

I’m taking my vuvuzela over to Russell’s in the morning!


Image courtesy of Guardian.co.uk

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