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I came across a presentation by Swedish industrial designers Front from Design Indaba.  Unless you are at a Design Show and take the time to attend a presentation you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to hear the process designers go through when designing a product.

Here’s a rare glimpse into the design process of an up and coming design team – Front.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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IKEA has taken the cookbook concept and turned it into a visual delight.  “Homemade is Best” has not one word of instruction, and I’m thinking it was the male’s leading this concept.

But true to IKEA form with instruction manuals, they decided to focus on the ingredients – beautifully styled by Evelina Bratell and photographed by Carl Kleiner.  They wanted to project a minimalist Japanese approach to this cookbook and they were very successful indeed.

But what I want to know is, what is the measurement of a pyramid of butter?

Soon to be at your local IKEA store if it isn’t there already.


First seen on Dezeen.

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IIDEX which stands for International Interior Design Exposition, is a trade show and conference for the interior design, architectural, facility management, real estate development and business communities industry.  At this show you get to see new innovations launched and hear industry leaders speak.

And this year I saw the best new innovation ever!  They’re getting closer to the “Jetsons” kitchen.

Hettich, a leading hardware company presented a concept kitchen that initially looked like a sleek black display cabinet.  Not a fixture in sight until you pressed a button here, button there and “David Copperfield style” up came the faucet that gently spewed water onto an “Infinity” edged sink.  Beside that, your computer monitor was displayed.  Underneath the counter you could store your refrigerator, wine fridge, and of course, dishwasher.  With the gentlest of touches your drawers would open and close.  Press another button and your tableware and drinking glasses were slowly lowered from a wall unit.  Your stove appears at the touch of a button, where you can increase the size of the elements. Then touch another button and you can see your children playing in the other room.

It’s like master control!!

It was the only display area with a crowd of people around, so getting great pictures was a challenge.  But here are some:

No, there isn’t a Rosie to press all the buttons, but I’m sure they’re working on that right now.

This is a custom kitchen that I’m sure we’ll be able to get at IKEA in about 10 years. But if you can’t wait, give me a call.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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