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I met Paul Filek about 3 years ago.  He had been hired to do the interior design work on a very exclusive (so exclusive that you’ll never hear about it ever) condo in downtown Toronto.   Paul was picked for this project because of his reputation as being the hottest designer out there.  Not like a Sarah Richardson or Nate Berkus “hot”, but a New York, Dublin, Shanghai, internationally reputed “hot”.

You know that “Oh Wow” feeling you get when you enter a Holt Renfrew or W Hotel lobby; that feeling like you never want to leave and just live there forever; the beautiful colours, gorgeous textures and glowing panels? Well BurdiFilek is responsible for designing those spaces.  Their mastery of materials and space is simply phenomenal.

And this mastery is not surprising, with his “design teeth” being sharpened at Yabu Pushelberg in the early 90’s and add the architectural expertise of his partner Diego Burdi…it’s like the perfect design storm.

Diego Burdi and Paul Filek

But you’ll never hear Paul blow his own horn very loudly.  Elegant and understated is his style. “Our firm is Small with a Big presence” is all I got out of him.  And that fits just perfectly.

It isn’t Paul’s style to discuss “difficult” clients either, but when asked who was his favourite; without hesitation he said “Joe Mimran”.  “He is a visionary like no other” (I’ve heard this before).  So no wonder BurdiFilek has been responsible for designing the Club Monaco stores, corporate offices and now the newly launched Joe Fresh flagship store in Vancouver.

Did I say “hot”!

Joe Fresh Flagship, Granville Street, Vancouver

Brown Thomas Luxury Hall, Dublin, Ireland

Thompson Residences, Sales Centre, Toronto

Canada, the US, Europe, the Far East… What’s next for BurdiFilek?…  South Africa maybe?

Who wants to go to Holts?



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Happy Monday everyone!

Last Thursday was trade day at the Interior Design Show and it was by far the busiest one I’ve been to in many years.  This is a good thing because not only was it bustling with industry professionals, the displays were fantastic.  New product was everywhere and the special exhibit “Sibling Revelry” was exceptional.

Here are my faves from that exhibit:

Sarah Richardson and Theo Richardson – although they have successfully created their own design identities, they worked together to create 3 rooms that focussed on the primary hues.

Tommy and Sarah.

Brothers Dressler –  Jason and Lars have for the first time created a complete living space with all of their amazing designs. I loved the new bed and the orange sofa!

Glenn and David Dixon – with style and fashion oozing from this pair, it’s no wonder the space was so fabulous!  Remember my search for the Ultimate Sectional?  Well I think I’ve found it!

Stay tuned as I reveal more about the show over the coming weeks.


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Happy Monday!

Heads up!  You have less than 2 weeks to plan your IDS experience.

The Interior Design Show is coming to the Metro Convention Centre on from January 27th to 30th.  Here’s the breakdown:

Thursday night is the Opening Party.  Always a fun event with performers, entertainment and lots of food and drink.  You’ll have an opportunity to chat with your favourite celebrity designers.  For the price of $55 in advance, you can’t go wrong.

Friday all day is trade day.  This is the day I’ll be going of course.

Saturday and Sunday is the public viewing.

Remember last year’s Conversations in Design: A World Without Oil?  Well, this year the theme is Crowdsourcing, Creativity and Community.  This series should be very interesting with such speakers as Douglas Coupland, Author, Filmmaker  and Hunter Tura from Bruce Mau Design.  If you’re in the design industry, this should not be missed.

This year’s Sibling Revelry display will feature my favourite furniture craftsmen Brothers Dressler, as well as others sibling designers.

Studio North, is a section which displays up and coming designers.  Always an exciting section to catch a new product or designer on the way up.

This is the show where you get to see the newest and most innovative products being launched.  Time to get inspired.

Don’t miss it. Get your tickets now!


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