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Antica mosaic

I’ve noticed something amazing happening in the tile industry.  Manufacturers are really taking design innovation to a new level.  It wasn’t long ago that, if you wanted an interesting design or graphic on your tile, the only option you would have was to purchase a “Majolica” type of tile from Spain or Italy- handpainted glazes depicting still life’s of fruit or flowers. Then, in the eighties we saw borders emerge in tile with more modern graphics. These tiles were still simply glazed or maybe had some silver or gold detailing for a little glamour. Then in the 90’s came the glass tile.

And now, all boundaries have been blown wide open.

Tiles have texture and dimension like beautiful pieces of sculptured stone. Shapes of tile are all over the map. Glass tile is mixed with stones and metallics.Tiles are pressed to look like wood or fabric or intricate patterns like herringbone. You can now get stones like Quartz, Onyx and Semi-precious in extraordinary colours. Grouts are now available in any colour. And, yes, tile has gone green.

There really seems to be no limits to where tile is going now.

Here are some my faves:

Bubbles – Saltillo Tiles

Culture Brick – Saltillo Tiles

Abisko – Stone Tile

Barocco – Stone Tile

Cacmood Vitro Glass – Stone Tile

Technica Slab – Ciot

Don’t you just want to touch them?



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It’s really amazing to see how tiles have transformed over the years.  Back in the day…Bianco Carrera tiles were de rigueur.  But now, we are seeing the most amazing tiles made from not just ceramic, porcelain and stone, but glass and metals, combined in very unique ways. And  tiles have become 3-D! These are some that caught my eye from Saltillo Tiles at the Interior Design Show this year.

I particularly love the round tiles!  These tiles are not just for backsplashes anymore, but should be used as feature walls.  I must use them!!


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