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Although I’m not a techie per se, I do love anything that will make my life easier and is cool to look at.  And Greendix has my attention this week.

You know this had to happen..

Greendix has taken the solar panel to the next level by designing friendly everyday solar-based products.

Check this out:

They’ve designed a solar tree concept, where an “energy apple” or apple shaped battery gets charged by leaf – shaped solar panels.  The apple changes colour from green to red indicating that it is ripe and ready to be used.  The apple is then picked and used to recharge your device – MP3 player, cellphones, whatever.

I love it!

Check here for where it’s sold.


First seen on Design Indaba


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The future is here folks!

Now this is what I’m talking about. A house that attends to all of your needs from the touch of your iphone. My dream come true.

To be honest, I’ve seen versions of tech homes at various home shows over the years, but as with all new concepts, it takes a few years to finally get it right.  And Lumenhaus has arrived.

Lumenhaus is Virginia Tech’s 2010 entry to the Solar Decathlon Europe competition. Inspired by the Farnsworth House by Mies Van Der Rohe, where the north and south side are all glass. But Lumenhaus goes further and is a zero-energy home that is completely powered by the sun.

Lumenhaus is responsive architecture – it responds to the exterior environment and reacts accordingly for the needs of the inhabitants.

Essentially, all energy that the house needs will come solely from the photovoltaic panels that cover the roof. This energy is controlled and any excess of power can be sold back to the power company. This system is known as net metering. This I like!

Also, there will be no need for electric light from sunrise to sunset because of the vast glass wall system. Eclipsis System is an advanced building façade that comprises of 2 layers – a metal shutter shade and a translucent insulating panel that move to the position you need them to. Essentially it filters out direct sunlight and allows the owner to benefit from indirect natural lighting thereby producing immense health benefits. Then the energy collected powers light panels for the evening that can be colour controlled by the owner to optimize mood. Yes, colour!

It’s other sustainable features include passive energy systems; radiant heating and building materials that are from renewable and/or recyclable sources.

The house awakes when you awake and shuts down and hibernates when you leave. All of these systems can be programmed and controlled by your iphone.

Remember the first time you went into an airplane bathroom and had to open up all the compartments and marveled at the efficient labeling and space useage?  Well check out the interior of a Lumenhaus. So exciting!

Finally sci-fi has become reality.  I need one of these homes!

I’ve already inquired and they aren’t at the marketing stage yet. So unless I win that lottery tonight, I won’t be getting one of these too soon. But I can dream can’t I?

Now where are those flying cars, people?

Wishing you big dreams this weekend!

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