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Happy Monday everyone!

It’s finally winter here in Toronto and with the end of the One of a Kind Show, you know that there’s only 19 more days until Christmas. Eeek!  So my list is out and the first thing I need to do is decorate my house.  I asked Nicola to help me out and here is a DIY for one of her amazing winter urns.  Cheers!

Now is the time to create a beautiful outdoor urn or pot, this way you will get to enjoy it before and after Christmas. Remember, to create this look you will need to put quite a few elements in, otherwise once that first heavy snowfall comes it will just droop from the weight and fall apart.

If your pot is sitting outside and is already frozen, you could try putting it in a heated garage for a couple of days or if it isn’t too heavy bring it inside to thaw out.

What you will need:



2 bunches of dogwood

2 bunches of pine

1 bunch of variegated oregonia

1 bunch of magnolia

3 large pine cones

2 bunches of birch stars

Garden clippers


Here are a few simple steps to follow.

  • First fill your urn with soil, tightly packed.
  • Lay all your elements out so that you can see exactly what you have to play with.

  • Start with your sticks if this is going to be your focal point, and place them at an angle that pleases you.

  • Secondly cut your pine as this is going to act as your trailing element, and place it around the edge of the urn.

  • Don’t waste any pieces as they can all go into your urn to use as your stabilizer – they won’t be seen once everything else goes in.
  • Next add your variegated oregonia – this will be placed in an upright position as your next layered level.

  • Next are the magnolia branches which I have left nice and long so they sit above the oregonia.

  • Make sure as you are placing each of the elements that you are pushing them into the soil firmly so that they stay in position.
  • After that you can place your birch stars in a nice group to one side and your wired pine cones on the other side.
  • To wire your cones so they are secure, wrap gardeners wire around the thicker end of the cone, and anchor it to one of the branches.

With all my leftover pieces I was able to create a small piece that hangs by my front door. There are so many lovely elements that you can use, but if you are doing this for the first time, try to keep it simple and have a plan before you start or it might seem a little overwhelming. Or start with a nice basket that hangs on your fence, you can fill it with winter greens, moss and faux berries.

Drop by East of Eliza for all of the pieces you’ll need.  We have a whole garden full of Christmas greens, outdoor decorations and wreaths and we can help guide you with everything you need to know on how to make one of these urns yourself.

Nicola Bishop



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It was hopping today at the Direct Energy Centre!  I always forget how early you should go and think that everyone is like me and enjoys a leisurely breakfast.  But no!  Skip the bacon and eggs, grab a latte at Starbucks on your way out and get a good parking spot.  It is so worth it this year!

The main show entrance was wide open, airy and welcoming, with a display which featured their theme – “What’s Your Style”  How perfect is that?  It’s as if the show organizers were reading my mind since my post last week was about establishing your decor style.  See EYE SPY… Your Style.

My friend Marietta joined me this year and although she had a budget, she found it easy to break!  The very first booth we saw is where she broke it!

Catherine and Jinny from Noujica, make gorgeous silkscreened scarve thingies  (so clever) and gorgeous belts and buckles.  Marietta had to get one.

Then we came across Amy from Rock My Soul.  These pillows and wall art are colourful, fun and funky.  I love them!

Does anyone remember the store FLUF?  Well if you’ve been wondering where they went to, like I was, I found them!  They do wholesale now and are in retail stores all across Canada. Nathalie was at the show with some of their screen printed pillows,napkins and lunchbags! Great gifts!

Clever, clever, clever …recycling old wine barrels.  Who would’ve guessed you could make such beautiful home decor items from old barrels. Cathy from Wine Planks, showed us her stuff!

There is tons more new and unique decor and gift items.  And only 2 more days to go, so get down there if you can.


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EVENT ALERT – One of a Kind Spring Show

I’ve been going to the One of a Kind for years and years.  And every year, I’m not exaggerating, it gets better and better.  This year in particular, it seems that not only is the quality of craftsmanship increased but also there is such a huge awareness  to produce beautiful, recycled, natural, eco friendly items.  In fact, since it’s inception in 2007, the Green Section has doubled in size.

This really is the one stop shop for the most unique gifts, clothes, jewellery, décor etc.,  you will ever find across Canada. Period.  With over 450 artists, designers and craftspeople, the show’s focus is on home-grown talent.

So don’t delay because unlike the winter show, this show is only on for 5 days!

This is where you will find that perfect Easter gift or that perfect birthday present.  Here are some items I’m thinking of getting:

Holtz Furniture
Booth: H-08
Brampton, ON

Rare Birds Clothing
Booth: O-12
Toronto, ON

Avril Loreti
Booth: N-31
Toronto, ON

Spa Sisters
Booth: N-45
Georgetown, ON

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread
Booth: C-50
Toronto, ON

Mmmmm shortbread!

Don’t delay. Enter the Contest to win $100 and get your tickets online now. One of Kind Spring Show

See you there!

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