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In this week of reassessment and reflection, I think about my clients over the years and put them into two categories:

  • Colour Lovers – People who pick colours based on their emotional responses and who aren’t afraid to use colour whenever they can.
  • Colour Hesitants – People who are afraid to make the wrong choices with colour and therefore stick to the neutrals and rarely change their colours.

Although there are alot of Colour Hesitants in Toronto, I believe this is changing and people are becoming more courageous. Hurrah!

If you are a Colour Hesitant and want to become a Colour Lover in the new year, take these first steps:

1. Look at the colour themes for 2011 below. Take your time and look at each one carefully. Pick the theme that you absolutely love – that you say, “Ooh! I like that one.”

2. You have my permission to pull the picture from the site and print out only the theme that you love.

3. Hang it on your fridge, wall, on your closet, wherever, so that you can see it in your environment.  You will be able to see which colours you can pick out as accents (usually the more vibrant ones).

4. Slowly incorporate that colour into your decor by purchasing throw pillows, hand towels, bedding, vases etc. Be courageous!

5. If and when you are comfortable with this or these new colours, take the next big step and repaint.  For example, take the accent colour and paint your headboard wall.  Or go for it and do the whole room.

6.  From this point on you can take that printed colour theme whenever you shop for home decor items and use it as a guide to pick colours that work with your theme.

Congratulations, you are now a Colour Lover!



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Since 2010 is almost over, sorry, I thought it would be good idea to review the colour trends for next year.   This is a perfect time to review your colours, change things up and add some fresh colour into your decor.

Remember that the overall theme that dominates next year is Harmony and Balance.

Here are the 4 colour stories:

1. The Farm – Being rooted.  Nurture and going back to nature.  Recycling. Thrifty cuisine. Healthy, no preservative food.  Home on the range.  Rooftop cocktail parties. Hay. Burlap. Milk. Bovine. Chicken. Eggs. Yarn and Rope. Patchwork.  Gingham. Unfinished weaves. Terra firma.  Beautiful produce.  Soil.  Oak.  Country. Organic.  And yes, macramé is back!  I’ve seen this everywhere from fashion to home décor this year.  See more here.

2. Order – Whether it’s the unpredictability of the weather, to the many wars in different parts of the world; we are forced to prioritize and bring order to our lives. We are seeing, geometrics, dots and circles in arrays, stacking and outlining. Shelving; Patchwork; Structure; Form; Shelving; Stripes; Pixels; Polka-dots; Circles; Geometrics; Fractals; Cubes; Anti-throwawayism; Less is more; Definition. See more here.

3. Escape –  Unlike ORDER, where the lines, spaces and colours were defined and contained in distinct forms and shapes, ESCAPE is the opposite; forms flow freely and organically.  Colours are pale, soft, frosted and opalescent.  Fantasy; Surreal; Dreamlike; Meditation; Blurred; Humour and Whimsy; Perceived Perfection; It’s Not What It Seems; 1950’s Perfect Perception. See more here.

4. Tribe – Creating new balance; relationships; female influence – the axis of change; connections and nurturing; social consciousness; rebirth of creativity; art & science; communal; cooperatives; cultural fusion; ethnic glam. Pattern on pattern; handwork; patchwork; abstract animal-skin patterning; maps; African textures and prints.  See more here.

Be a trend setter. Pick the colour story that suits you and shake things up in your decor.

It can be as simple as changing your drapery, pillows and throws or as involved as repainting your room or renovating your kitchen.  Whatever you decide, just do something.  It will not only make you happy but will keep you healthy.


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All things….TRIBE

Images from the Colour Pulse 2011 forecast book from Benjamin Moore.

Inspiring interiors from Google images.

This is the last colour story in the Colour Pulse 2011 forecast book.  As spring arrives, now is the perfect time to reassess the colour story in your home.  Do the rooms work well together? Do you have a consistent theme flowing from room to room?  How can you make adjustments so that everything works in harmony?

Next week we’ll explore Harmonious Colours, my lighting DIY, Nicola on Flower Power and more….

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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