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Cool Shop Alert!!!!

Yup! this one is definitely on my top coolest shops in TO list.

Kate Eisen’s keen eye for amazing mid-century classics is outstanding.

INabstracto has been open for 9 years and has been the mainstay on the West Queen West strip of shops.  In fact, it’s only now that the rest of the hood has caught up to Kate’s visionary retail acumen.

Always sourcing the most amazing pieces, such as Vladimir Kagan (remember The Ultimate Sectional post?), Lotte Lamps (I’m developing a new fetish for these) to Scandinavian Teak and some 80’s vintage.  What makes this shop amazing is that Kate combines the vintage with current product lines, like Freitag bags (Kate has the largest collection in Toronto) from Switzerland and Julie Jenkinson designs.  She also has artist installations and is featuring Julie’s wallpaper and fabric right now.

See for yourself.

Julie Jenkinson wallpaper

Freitag bags and wallets.  See what I mean! Tons!

My fave!

Lotte Lamps

Rene Prou chairs with Julie Jenkinson fabric.

Hand made wool birdie ornaments.

There is tons more and Kate is constantly bringing in new stuff every week.  So get down there.

INabstracto is located at: 1160 Queen St. West, phone 416-533-6362.



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Look for the window vinyl at these stores and say you’re a FLOHAUS FAN to get 10% off!*

Tartooful is located at 3183 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver. 604-924-0122 .  Click here for more details.
INabstracto is located at: 1160 Queen St. West, phone 416-533-6362.  Click here for more details.
*on selected merchandise

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