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All things….GOLD

Pics from Salontoday, Fabulous Finishes, Apartment Therapy.

Next week – Spring cleaning made easy, DIY lighting fixture and much more.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



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Eye Spy…GOLD

“All that glitters is not gold!” Shakespeare

Much has been said about gold and although I somewhat agree with Shakespeare on a metaphorical level, I do think that adding gold does make a home glitter.  And the truth is that gold is making a comeback in home décor.

Gold is a precious metal and as such the color gold is associated with wealth and prosperity.  It suggests grandeur and is the traditional gift for a 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Getting a gold in the Olympics is a monumental achievement as is getting a gold star in kindergarten.  We use gold wedding bands as the symbol of eternal love.  And gold is also what financially backs money.  And who could forget oo7 in GOLDFINGER.

When gold is pared with blue, is becomes the symbol of credibility and financial dependability.  When green or brown is added, it becomes down to earth and with red it becomes lavish and rich.

Last week, I was in Vancouver to design a color palette for my client, Fiona, and what I found was a fantastic home designed in a hotel style.  The problem according to Fiona was that her home just didn’t feel put together. With oversized warm stone floor tiles, rich dark wood trim and cabinetry and off white walls; simply changing the color of the walls was not enough.  And in fact, this wouldn’t solve the problem at all.

But what would solve the problem was interjecting an accent color strategically to make the living room, dining room and family room flow together.   The color had to be timeless and flexible in its application.  So I decided on gold.    An easy decision because there was a metallic gold in her beautiful damask curtains.

We decided that gold would be added in a faux gold leaf technique in her alcoves; which flanked the fireplace, in the pillows, in the wallpaper for the main floor bath, in the tablecloth and dining accessories.  This would flow to the living room in her pillows, throw and carpet, and over to her smaller hallway bathroom.

I’ll show you pictures when it’s all done!

Show me your pictures of metal accents you’ve used in your home and I’ll share them on Friday.


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