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There has been a come back in wallpaper for a couple of years already, but it’s now that we’re seeing some fantastic options.  Home décor follows fashion and like fashion, décor trends take about a year to catch on and then they usually have a life of about 5 years all in.  In fashion, this timeline is about 2 years.

Today, unlike the Laura Ashley wallpaper of the 80’s that were distinctly “English Countryside” in feel with the small prints and dull colours, today’s prints are vibrant, colourful and bold. Even Grasscloth is back! I truly have fallen back in love with them all over again.

Even Farrow and Ball are rising to the occasion with their big bold Lotus Paper pattern. See below.

Check out these other new and notable papers:

Amy Butler- Crown

Animaze by Julie Jenkinson

Echo Home – Kravet

Birds, Cards and Chains – Kreme Life

Nabucco – Primavera

This is the year to be bold and make a statement with your wallpaper!



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Cool Shop Alert!!!!

Yup! this one is definitely on my top coolest shops in TO list.

Kate Eisen’s keen eye for amazing mid-century classics is outstanding.

INabstracto has been open for 9 years and has been the mainstay on the West Queen West strip of shops.  In fact, it’s only now that the rest of the hood has caught up to Kate’s visionary retail acumen.

Always sourcing the most amazing pieces, such as Vladimir Kagan (remember The Ultimate Sectional post?), Lotte Lamps (I’m developing a new fetish for these) to Scandinavian Teak and some 80’s vintage.  What makes this shop amazing is that Kate combines the vintage with current product lines, like Freitag bags (Kate has the largest collection in Toronto) from Switzerland and Julie Jenkinson designs.  She also has artist installations and is featuring Julie’s wallpaper and fabric right now.

See for yourself.

Julie Jenkinson wallpaper

Freitag bags and wallets.  See what I mean! Tons!

My fave!

Lotte Lamps

Rene Prou chairs with Julie Jenkinson fabric.

Hand made wool birdie ornaments.

There is tons more and Kate is constantly bringing in new stuff every week.  So get down there.

INabstracto is located at: 1160 Queen St. West, phone 416-533-6362.


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Last year I noticed that the big toy warehouse store that I used to frequent when my kids were small, had turned into the Furniture Bank. I didn’t think anything more of it until Julie Jenkinson mentioned it a few weeks ago. So being the curious person that I am, I investigated.  And what I found was a very unique non-profit organization.

Truly the only one of it’s kind in Eastern Canada, the Furniture Bank has helped approximately 2500 families and individuals get off the streets here in Toronto. And it was responsible for diverting 1138 tons of furniture from landfills in 2009.  A non-profit organization that helps families in need, does a huge part for the environment, and deals with furniture!  This had my name all over it!  So I got involved.

What makes the Furniture Bank unique is that they receive furniture donations from private individuals and larger organizations like hotels. They are aligned with about 60 agencies (the largest being Streets to Homes) that help people get off the streets by finding them accommodations.  The Furniture Bank then helps these families furnish their new accommodations, absolutely free.

All furniture is steam cleaned and in very good condition. Pieces are repaired, electronics are refurbished and even brand new pillows are made.

Chando and Laura

Richard Evans, who co-ordinates the 97 volunteers and is the client service manager, says about 200 families are helped every month.  As a volunteer, I get to help the families and individuals pick their new furniture and items.  Truly a most satisfying experience.

Organizations like this need not only donations but funds to continuing operating and so rely on fundraising events.  Linda Sicoli and Melody Jackson are the amazing women behind this year’s event – THE CHAIR AFFAIR.

Thirty artists and designers will be decorating a chair that they picked from the Furniture Bank.  These one-of-a-kind chairs will then be auctioned.  Check out the chair that I picked.   And follow me on Twitter to find out what I’m doing with my chair.

Sponsored by the Brick and covered by Global, this event is sure to be a great success.  Stay tuned for where in the city you’ll be able to actually see the chairs.

Melody Jackson and Linda Sicoli

And remember, when you’re doing your fall cleaning this weekend, take any gently used furniture, electronics, or household items to the Furniture Bank.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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Julie Jenkinson represents what the Toronto design culture is all about: experienced, well travelled, street savvy, and brilliantly talented.

Born in the U.K, Julie considers herself a late bloomer as an artist.  Primarily because she spent most of her life travelling around the world and immersing herself in the art culture in New York, where she lived for many years.  It’s said that all good things come in time.  And last year, Julie launched her “Animaze” line of fabrics and wallpaper.

Besides travel in foreign lands, Julie’s inspiration comes from nature and animals in particular.  And it’s obvious with the “zoomorphic” images in this collection.  To say that they are quirky would be appropriate, but there is also a sophistication in the way she repeats these images.  Look closer and her animals look oddly familiar, don’t they?  I think we have the same kind of dreams…

And just released are her photo documentary images of street art in Berlin.  I’m a bit of collector of graffiti and these are simply amazing; a bit tongue in cheek and very colourful!  These are so popular; one that I was eyeing during this interview got sold before I could say “How much”!  They are very reasonably priced, by the way!

Inspired by the clean lines of mid-century modern, Julie is now designing and producing furniture as well.  Check out this great bench.

Julie has produced a graphic book, clothing, prints, cards, now fabric, wallpaper and furniture. What could possibly be next you ask?  Much much more. Stay tuned.

Check out the full line of products Julie has here. And get the full experience by going down to INabstracto.  I have dibs on the “Sam Gang”!


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