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KNOLL sale is here!

If there’s one sale you should know about this season, it’s this one.

Design Within Reach’s – the KNOLL Classics Sale from Feb. 25th – March 3rd.

Check it out here:


Buy in store or online.

I have my eye on that Womb chair!  And the Saarinen Oval Coffee Table! And the Barcelona Chair!  The Cowhide Wassily!!!!!




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Happy Monday everyone!

I’ve finally readjusted to my new life back at work full-time and I’m so pleased to share some fun things that I’ve experience these past weeks.

One very exciting event that occurred about a week ago was the BILD(Building Industry and Land Development) awards; or the housing industry ACADEMY AWARDS, as we in the industry like to call it.  And if you’ve been around as long as I have, then you’ll remember them being called the SAM (Sales and Marketing) Awards.  But that’s when BILD was called the THBA or Toronto Home Builders Association.

I’ve been out of the game for a couple of years and so it was exciting to see old friends.

This year BILD received over 1000 submissions for the 46 categories.  The judges were industry professionals from all over the country.  I don’t envy that job because it’s a very difficult task choosing from so many amazing developments.

The Pinnacle Awards went to:



GREEN BUILDER OF THE YEAR Low Rise – Empire Communities

PROJECT OF THE YEAR Highrise – Five St. Joseph

PROJECT OF THE YEAR Lowrise – Mount Pleasant Village

To see the rest of the winners this year check out the BILD Awards, and see if you are living in an award-winning development!


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Happy Passover to all of my non-Easter friends out there.

The tale of the Easter Bunny has always been a mysterious one for me, being a rebellious Catholic and all.  When my children started questioning the Resurrection stories (not from me) and how the Easter bunny came into the picture, I would inevitably tell them something like  “God had a pet Bunny…..”  They were too smart to believe me.

But now all of my questions have been answered, and it all makes sense.

Click here for the true story of how the Easter Bunny came to be.

Thanks Patty!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

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Cool Product – 4.2

Cool Product – 4.2.

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For all who love design – CUTMR starts today at the Gladstone Hotel.

I was able to get a sneak peek last night and was pleasantly surprised by the eclectic mix of installations. Curated by Deborah Wang and Jeremy Vandermeij; they have once again assembled an exceptional group of artists/creators/designers of varying disciplines. With no restrictions of “theme” to encumber,  I was delighted at every turn of the exhibit.

Here’s your sneak peek:

Amanda McCavour uses a sewing machine and fabric that dissolves in water to create replicas of her previous living room. The amount of intricacy and detail in these pieces is mind boggling.

“Chaos Theory” is a collaboration between Becky Lane and Chrissy Poitras.  It is an exploration of the junction between happenstance and expectation through the quintessential symbol of order: the clock.  An incredible clock!  I want one.

“Shrine dedicated to the memory of demolished barns and fallen trees” by Scott Eunson and Lubo Brezina.  An amazing experiential installation showing the space between object and representation.

Do something extraordinary this weekend and treat yourself to this exhibit – CUTMR is on until Sunday only!

Check here for details.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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There’s no limit to the amount of information about how stress affects our lives.  It creates disease and can make our lives a living hell if not brought under control.

Many would argue that our situations – a demanding job, a domineering partner, a self-centred narcissistic ex-husband, are the causes of our stress. But the truth is that it’s a state of mind and if we go to our “happy place” when we see the stressful exterior taking shape, we can ward off the “stress monster” and stay healthy in the long run.

Years ago, when I had just finished decorating a client’s new home, she decided that simple Feng Shui wasn’t good enough to solve her big life problems, so she hired a “Flying Star” expert.  This is a level of Feng Shui that deals with time, space and object to create an astrological chart to analyze positive auras and negative auras of a building. Remember those TV commercials for some product (I can’t remember), where the wife redecorated by putting the sofa in the garage, punched a hole in the wall etc.  Well, that’s Flying Star.  When I visited my client after her session, the furniture was all askew.  A little disconcerting at first.  But the most interesting part was that there had to be a mini-shrine or place of offering in the centre of her main floor living area.  Although that’s where her entertainment unit used to be, I found the idea of it rather calming.  She used that area to meditate and regroup. That was her “ashram”.

In India, an ashram is a place where a guru lives and teaches spirituality, but it can also be a place of quiet meditation. In fact, creating your own personal ashram in your home is a perfect way to deal with daily stress. Kristin from My Toronto Eh! created her personal ashram with funky colours and art.

Creating your own quiet space is really easy.  Pick a corner or room in your home, paint with calming colours like  “Morning Sky Blue” or warm yellows.  Try to stay away from vibrant colours.  Surround the room or area with floor pillows and create soft lighting with sconces or torchlights, always on dimmers.  A table with candles and incense is a must if you like the smells. And be sure to include soft gentle meditative music.   There is tons of New Age Music to choose from but I prefer my old stand-by – Watermark by Enya.  Display words of encouragement or have a journal to write down thoughts and remind yourself of your own personal mantra.  The goal is to create that feeling of being in a luxury spa – a world of calm and healing.

Here are some examples:

Have a calm and wonderful weekend!

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