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As a lover of graffiti, I’m thrilled to let you in on this amazing collection of graffiti art furniture from Montreal.

Concrete is the raw canvas for the self-styled ‘writers’ who have slowly overtaken every major international city with their work.  With vibrant color and often dazzlingly complex forms, they represent the instant news of the city with wit, humor and candor.  Whether you think it’s art or crime, graffiti adds gritty cultural relevance and energy to architecture at the street level.

Lovers of urban art now have an opportunity to bring the buzz of the sidewalk directly into their living and work spaces. TRASHbonbon’s Concrete Matters Collection, designed by Julie St. Laurent, has commissioned some of Montreal’s leading graffiti artists to create a limited edition line of furniture and accessories made entirely from concrete, art and glass.

Astro, Marco Royal Nicodemo, Frank Lam and S3 have all brought their individual visions to bear on every piece in this furniture line.  No two pieces are the same and every piece is a unique work of art.

This would be perfect for a funky downtown office or gallery or loft residence.  I can picture it now. Can’t you?

Go and see it for yourself at the launch at INabstracto on Saturday March 19 from 3-6pm – 1160 Queen St. West.



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I met Basma Osama a couple of times at various shows in the city and have been watching her with awe.  Everytime I see her work, I am mesmerized and become transfixed.  And although she allows people to handle her porcelain carefully when displayed, I have to control myself because I’m a touchy feely person and would probably get into trouble.

Basma has been creating these, and I have to say it “delicious” pieces, since 2006 in her studio in Montreal.  I say “delicious” because they are so tactile, warm, soft, and gentle (but very sturdy).  Simply organic.  The colours as well are designed to feel natural , inviting and will beautifully blend in with any décor theme.  This I love!

See for yourself:

Don’t you just want to eat them!

CeramikB is sold at stores in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Regina. Basma also ships anywhere.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Montreal you could also attend one of her workshops. What a treat that would be.

And she also makes pieces for corporate functions using your logo!!  Fantastique!

Call her personally  at 1-514-651-0902 or email her at info@ceramikb.com.


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