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I was speaking to a friend in the development industry the other night and he revealed that he had a cool million to spend on public art for his development.

Sounds good right?  But don’t think this money is a freebie from our local government.  It comes right out of the developer’s pocket.

In fact, most people don’t realize that developers are required to put back millions of dollars into the infrastructure of a community – whether it’s sewage and drainage or roadways, parks, schools etc.   And it is mandated that “a minimum of one percent of the gross construction cost of each significant development be contributed to public art.”

So my mind started racing with all the ideas and artists that I could recommend and all of sudden I received an email.  This email showed a presentation by Wooster Collective and Faith47 from South Africa, via Design Indaba.  It’s about street art around the world. After watching it, I felt the urge to graffiti my house, but thankfully, my rational mind took over and stopped me.

I challenged my friend to consider creating his public art by making it relevant and thought provoking rather than just an interesting art installation.

So grab a tea or coffee and prepare to be inspired:

Click here.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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All I’ve been thinking of for a week is, ” I guess I won’t be going to the DarHI hotel for long time”. Remember, I did a feature on this Tunisian hotel a few weeks back?  My girlfriend was planning to go there with her boyfriend as well. So we’re all a bit bummed; but more so for the political unrest than missing the opportunity to experience the hotel.

In fact, I’ve had CNN on all week and I’ve been thanking my parents for immigrating to Canada in the 50’s.  It’s so distressing what’s happening in North Africa and yet life in South Africa is ticking along as usual.  The design community is gearing up for Design Indaba 2010 or DI2011.

I’ve mentioned Design Indaba a few times, but I really want to stress that South Africa is a hot bed for arts and design.  So if you’re lucky enough to be travelling there on business this month or are there on contract or live there, make it a priority to attend any of the events that this festival offers.

This year the Conference will be held from 23 -25 Feb and will feature speakers such as Alberto Alessi, David Butler (responsible for leading the global design vision and strategy for Coca-Cola), Charlie Todd (founder of Improv Everywhere) and many other very prominent people in the field of design and architecture.

The Expo is from 25 – 27 Feb and has over 260 exhibitors and is a “100% local-is-lekker celebration of South Africa’s ingrained creativity. Advertising, architecture, craft, décor, film, fashion, graphic design, interior design, jewellery, new media, publishing, product design and visual media, are all presented shoulder-to-shoulder.”

Excited yet?  Makes you want to hop on a plane doesn’t it?  Well it does me!  Maybe one day I’ll be able to do a grand Oprah-style giving away.  How great would that be?

If there’s no way you’re able to get down there and are a true design aficionado than I suggest you subscribe to their quarterly magazine.  It’s truly well done.


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Although I’m not a techie per se, I do love anything that will make my life easier and is cool to look at.  And Greendix has my attention this week.

You know this had to happen..

Greendix has taken the solar panel to the next level by designing friendly everyday solar-based products.

Check this out:

They’ve designed a solar tree concept, where an “energy apple” or apple shaped battery gets charged by leaf – shaped solar panels.  The apple changes colour from green to red indicating that it is ripe and ready to be used.  The apple is then picked and used to recharge your device – MP3 player, cellphones, whatever.

I love it!

Check here for where it’s sold.


First seen on Design Indaba

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Simply gorgeous, spiritual photos taken by Jessica Hilltout, capture the raw beauty of football in Africa.  The idea of worshipping the game is evident.  And I am struck by how accessable this game is and how it has no economic boundaries.  That’s why I love it.

This exhibit aptly named “Amen” can be viewed at Joao Ferreira Gallery in Cape Town until July 24th.

Read full article on Design Indaba.

Makes me want to board a plane right now for this exhibit.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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