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As a lover of graffiti, I’m thrilled to let you in on this amazing collection of graffiti art furniture from Montreal.

Concrete is the raw canvas for the self-styled ‘writers’ who have slowly overtaken every major international city with their work.  With vibrant color and often dazzlingly complex forms, they represent the instant news of the city with wit, humor and candor.  Whether you think it’s art or crime, graffiti adds gritty cultural relevance and energy to architecture at the street level.

Lovers of urban art now have an opportunity to bring the buzz of the sidewalk directly into their living and work spaces. TRASHbonbon’s Concrete Matters Collection, designed by Julie St. Laurent, has commissioned some of Montreal’s leading graffiti artists to create a limited edition line of furniture and accessories made entirely from concrete, art and glass.

Astro, Marco Royal Nicodemo, Frank Lam and S3 have all brought their individual visions to bear on every piece in this furniture line.  No two pieces are the same and every piece is a unique work of art.

This would be perfect for a funky downtown office or gallery or loft residence.  I can picture it now. Can’t you?

Go and see it for yourself at the launch at INabstracto on Saturday March 19 from 3-6pm – 1160 Queen St. West.



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Does this furniture remind you of something?

Innovation in furniture design doesn’t even begin to describe PeLi Design’s CLICfurniture. I think it’s brilliant, because it addresses so many concerns with manufacturing and shipping from far off lands.

These pieces are well designed.  Alexander Pelikan from PeLi Design has taken inspiration from Modernist furniture designer Reitveld and used current day superior material such as TRESPA , which is used for exterior cladding, as well as bamboo and glass to give beauty and durability to the pieces.

The brilliance comes from the fact that the intention is to sell the design by sending the file, which you then can bring to your manufacturer and have them cut the pieces.

Not everyone has a manufacturer at the ready, of course, but when you are ready to purchase you can rest assure that shipping will be considerably less than any other type of furniture because they are shipped flat.  You simply have to easily assemble the pieces!

Dining Chair

Cafe tables

Glass holder

Champagne room divider


Seriously though, what do they remind you of?

They are now available only at INabstracto.  No other retailer in Canada carries this line, so go down to INabstracto and try them.  They are super comfortable.


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