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One cubic mile of oil

Bruce Mau, a participant in Conversations in Design at IDS this year, discusses how tremendously we’ve succeeded as a human society on this earth.  And that in order to continue this success we need to change our mindset when talking about living without oil from a negative to a positive.

“What if we took guilt off the table” and just looked at the possibilities. “Let’s assume that climate change is not our fault” and “let’s assume we never run out of oil”.

He presents very compelling ideas around this change in mindset…

He appears about ¾ the way into Part 2 so stay with it and enjoy!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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If we are going through a major shift in the way we consume, then I compare this shift to what the Arts and Crafts Movement was to the industrial era. A backlash of sorts, that in the UK started with William Morris and landed in the US with Gustav Stickley and the Craftsman Workshops.  So profound an effect Craftsman was to the North American way of life, that to this day, over 100 years later, we have erected museums and auctioned off Craftsman pieces like they were very rare pieces of art.

Pay very close attention to the Brothers Dressler.  They are the modern day Stickley.

Like Gustav, Jason and Lars Dressler are committed to keeping their shop “Guild-like”- small, where creativity is exceptional and quality is impeccable. The one difference that in my eyes makes them even better is that the Brothers Dressler are passionate about reusing, recycling and producing consciously.  High Five!

On the day of my interview with Jason and Lars, they were so busy, and although they wanted to reschedule, they very graciously allowed me to take up most of their morning.  And really, between you and me, I could have stayed there longer.  It reminded me of hanging out in my father’s workshop.  I so get it when guys want to spend hours at the hardware store.

Jason and Lars have so much on the go right now.  They completed the offices at the Brickworks with reclaimed materials from the site.  They just finished making a huge Branches Chandelier, a beautiful central harvest table made of reclaimed elm and other pieces for the recently opened Boehmer restaurant in Toronto.  They created the award given to Bruce Mau at the Design Exchange. The list goes on and on. Click here for info on their recent works.

Follow me, on my visit!

The best part is that although they love doing custom projects, they have standardized production of certain pieces, so that you and I can buy them too!

This is where you have to pay attention.  Owning one of the Brothers Dressler pieces today will very well make you a wealthy collector in the future.

Plan on attending the Sibling Revelry exhibit at IDS on January 29th because Jason and Lars will be creating their best work ever!  No pressure guys..

Check out their work at BrothersDressler.com and see where you can buy one of their pieces.


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