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Carolina Fontoura Alzaga is a Mexican artist with a body of work that is contradictory and yet so striking. The “Connect” series of chandeliers is dark, gothic and extremely beautiful, but made of recycled bicycle chains.

Speaking to her “penchant for repurposing castoff materials and exploring socio-political themes”, Carolina suggests that “these subversive objects challenge the aesthetics of wealth by visually contrasting the classic elegance of the candelabrum with the newfound elegance of discarded, mechanical bicycle parts.”

Each chandelier is an original design, so you must inquire directly here.

Perfect for a dramatically high ceiling.



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Carol shows us a simple way to make a $20 chandelier look like a $200 chandelier.

Mission – Turn a brass chandelier into a sparkling white one to better fit into Carol’s powder room.

Materials – Brass chandelier purchased at ReStore for $20.  White spray paint. Glass crystals, silver loops and hooks.

Method – Carol, took off all the crystals and bulbs.  Spray painted it white.  Then took the time to reattach all crystals, but first relooping and rehooking with silver versions that she got on ebay.  She also added more crystals for extra bling!

All in, the whole project was under $50!



Not so bad for some sparkle in the powder room.  Nice job Carol!

Coming tomorrow Nicola’s Flower Power.


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Chandeliers have become a mainstay in a designers repertoire these days and as I mentioned on Tuesday, I’m loving the many different chandeliers that I’m seeing. What is also a bonus, when products become popular and more competition appears, prices go down.  Always trying to get my clients the best deal whenever possible, I’m constantly outdoing myself to find better deals.  Well, I’ve done it again!

I found Bethelin International when looking for my client Judith’s chandelier. They have hundreds of different types and rooms full, at the cheapest prices in town. Although they have an on-line catalogue, you really have to visit the place and see them first hand.  I’m a touchy feely buyer myself.

Here are just a few examples:

and click pages of the catalogue to view more:

bethelin2 bethelin3 bethelin4

Located at  3115  14th Avenue, Markham. or call 905-477-6155 to place an order.


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