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Deciding whether the Toronto Photography Marathon is Art, Inspiration or an Event was a difficult task, because it’s all 3.  And, well, I think all artistic events are inspirational. So there!

Every 5 seasons this fantastic event takes place in Toronto. Whether you’re a professional or enthusiast doesn’t matter because it’s all about “conscious photography” says Lalo Porto. Inspired by the Maratona Fotográfica de Florianópolis that happens in Brazil every March, Lalo Porto and Everton “Ton” Souza, for 8 seasons now, have been encouraging Toronto photographers to think before they shoot.

Armed with a film camera, marathoners are given 12 themes that they must think about, compose a shot and take the picture. They are only allowed to take the one picture in sequence of the themes. No deleting and retaking! Pretty difficult wouldn’t you think? I take about 4 shots for every one that I like, so I know I would find it challenging. But that’s the point says Lalo. It’s about treating photography as the art form that it is.

This year’s award night was great fun. With fantastic authentic Mexican food from Choco Sol Traders – their cold chocolate drink was to die for! Their mantra – Pedal-powered, stone-ground, socially just, made fresh.  Find them at the Brickworks!

Gabriela making our tortillas! Yummy!

And as we went around the room to vote on our favourite pictures we were entertained by great tunes from Peirson Ross and later Lady Son.

Peirson Ross

As difficult as it was to choose from amongst all of the great photos, the winners were finally announced!  Check here to see the winners. My Faves were the Local Food and Music winners.

The “Grand Poobah” winner David Faltenhine with his muse Patty Lowry.

Since this is a non-profit event, sponsorship is really important.  So on behalf of all of us who enjoyed and participated, thanks goes to Regal Heights Village BIA (get down to St.Clair and check out the cool stores there), Nabernet, Fresh Restaurants and Ontario School of Ballet and Related Arts.

Barbara Snow(Regal Heights BIA), Lalo Porto (Co-Founder), Sarah Lockett (Regal Heights BIA), and Tony Bolla (NaberNet)

The Toronto Photography Marathon is just too fun to pass up!  I’m going in next season!



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