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Happy Monday morning,

Last week was a busy, busy week with many openings and shows going on around the city.  Although I wanted to go to all of them, I just physically couldn’t.  Sorry Kathryn! (I promise I’ll make it up to you)

But today I want to start off by telling you a bit about The Artists Project.  Did anyone get a chance to go this year?  I know Claire (the winner of the Flohaus Fan contest) did.  Claire couldn’t stop talking about the amazing artist’s she saw and wondered why she hadn’t been to it before. One art convert. Check!

I was lucky to be able to go on opening day again and what a change it was from last year.  Last year, opening day was like a ghost town; maybe a few people down each lane – typical for newer shows.  But this year it was a completely different story.  The entrance was bustling with people lingering and when we entered the hall the amount of people made me do a “wow”.  There was just the right amount of people to maneuver the lanes and booths without much trouble.  Anymore and you wouldn’t have been able to see the art or talk to the artist’s.  As it was, there were a few artists that I had to go back to.

This is the type of opening I want to see.  It’s not only good for the artist’s but it shows that the public is really starting to appreciate this type of artist market show.  This is the only big art show where you can go and actually connect with the artists’.  The curatorial picks were very well done. The show included a good array of talks, contests and special events, feature installations. But one feature that I was really looking forward to, fell flat for me.

Leah Bazian viewing 3D images

Integrating technology with art is just a given these days, so when Sony and the show organizers decided to include The 3D World Lounge, I was really excited.   Now, I’ve been to large video installations and I wasn’t expecting to be overwhelmed because this show is a “market” after all, but what I experienced at the lounge left me feeling jipped.  Selected from hundreds of applicants, five photographers were awarded the space to display their works using Sony’s 3D technology.  The photographs were displayed on 2 medium sized monitors on either end of along space flanked by sofas. The images were really nice and were interesting in 3d, but if the purpose was to sell Sony 3D TV’s, I wasn’t sold.  And frankly, there is something missing when you view static images on a technology meant for moving objects.  Perhaps if the monitors were large and numerous with all of the images being displayed at the same time, then maybe …

Besides that, the show was truly stellar in my book.  So if you missed it, be sure to mark your calendar for next year.  Stay tuned for the artist’s that caught my eye in upcoming posts.



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Drumroll please!


Congratulations to Claire for winning 2 tickets to The Artist Project, starting tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  Stay tuned for another giveaway in May!

And thank you to my lovely assistant, Stefan!


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To kick off the spring season, as a FLOHAUS Fan, you’ll be able to win 2 FREE Tickets to The Artist Project, held on March 3 – 6th.

Get inspired by beautiful art, learn how to pick the best art for investment, and be one of the first to buy from up and coming artists. See more details about the show here.

All you have to do is make as many comments on FLOHAUS as you can from now until March 1st, for a chance to win 2 FREE TICKETS!

Don’t delay, you have only one more day!  Tell your friends too!!


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