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We know that anything Karim Rashid designs is colourful, playful and very cool.  And these 2 new pieces he designed for Italian furniture brand B-Line hit all the marks.

Snoop is not simply a stool in rotomoulded polyethylene, but also becomes a low table with two built-in pockets and can be stacked to form bookcases of various shapes and sizes.


And Woopy is a single rotomoulded polyethylene piece, that is a genereously sized armchair.  The Woopy comes in a high stool version with a chromium-plated tube serving as a footrest.

All pieces can be used outdoors.  Brilliant and always fun!


First seen on Design Indaba



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Propelling us into the future of hotel experiences, Karim Rashid, along with star architect, Sergei Tchoban, has created a hotel that is an experience in of itself.  Located on the Spree River in Berlin, nhow has 304 guest rooms, meeting facilities, a restaurant, bar, lobby and lounge and will leave you feeling like you’ve gone to music heaven.

With his signature colours and sensual designs, Rashid clearly wants guests to experience design at every level.  From the moment you enter and are greeted at the purple reception desk, you are experiencing what Rashid defines as “dimensional interior environments”.  This dimension includes music.  nhow has their own music manager and an integrated high-end recording studio.  So whether you’re a business traveler, jet setter, party animal or band you’re in for an experience like no other.

Of course there’s wireless internet, videos-on-demand, and connection cable and charging stations for PC’s Mac’s, iPods etc. Plus integrated TV’s and a high-end sound system of course.  You never have to leave your room!  Except to eat of course.  There’s a fantastic spa as well.  Thank you!!

Take a look at the fun interiors:

I’m starting to love pink and purple!!!  Look out clients!






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When I think of designs by Karim Rashid, I do not think eco-friendly. In fact, I think the opposite, because the materials he usually uses require massive processing.  You know, high-gloss custom coloured plexiglass, acrylics etc.

But in the Komb concept House that he just revealed at Le Marche exhibition in Cairo, Egypt in December, he has introduced features that will have a low impact on the environment.  How you ask?

Well, Karim has incorporated solar panel heated water, energy efficient appliances, recycling of grey water, low energy LED lighting and radiant flooring.  The Komb house uses materials such as wood, metal, and glass and is designed so that the components can be reused.  All good features.

The Komb House is divided into 4 zones, Eat, Play, Cleanse and Sleep.

Furthermore, the Islamic patio inspired central oasis features a plunge pool, with a skylight that that not only lets in light but when opened collects rainwater for reuse.  Also within this central oasis hangs a kinetic art sculpture that as it rotates uses the wind power to distribute hot or cold energy.

Very nicely done.  Who wants one?

Phew! First week done!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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Karim Rashid has done it again.  But now he’s put his famous design mark on a sex shop.  That’s right.

The Fun Factory is a 2–storey  200 square metre flagship sex toy boutique and café/lounge in Berlin,  for Parador. Rashid designed the patterned laminate flooring, while the rugs are from his “Touch Me” collection and the sofas, lounge chairs, stools and tables originally designed for Casamania. Custom retail units were also designed by Rashid and produced by Slide in Italy, to display erotic toys and other fun things.

Fun factory’s sexy toy forms are sculptural, sensual, organic, smart and tasteful. the fun factory store 
came from these objects and the idea of creating landscapes for toys, for play, and a multitude of 
sexual behaviors, and a blurring of these needs and desires. the space is a dynamic organism, fluid, 
technorganic, calming yet daring, sensual yet approachable, erotic yet inviting.

design is now shaping every aspect of living so the final frontier is to shape a better sex life .’ 
- globalove and globalust, karim

Very Nice! We need one of these in Toronto.


First seen on Design Indaba

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