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Whether you’re a novice gardener or have been gardening for years, it’s always amazing to wander around your garden at this time of year and watch your garden grow and multiply.

Follow these easy steps to grow your hostas or day lillies:

It’s best to split a hosta or day lilly in the fall after a full summer’s growth, BUT, if you have large, healthy plants that are already mature, you can do it in the spring as these plants have revealed their full season’s growth. Select one that is at least three years old or more.

  1. The next step is to take your mulch fork or shovel and shove it into the ground around the perimeter of the plant. Gently lift it up to uproot the plant until it is completely out of the ground. Both plant types can have large root balls up to 20 inches in diameter, so dig up about 12 inches away from the root of the plant.
  2. Once the plant is out of the ground, you will need to split it. Some gardeners prefer using a sharp straight blade shovel, place it at the centre of the plant and use your foot to make a quick slice through the centre of the plant, you now have two plants. If you have a good sized plant, you may be able to divide each half again for a total of four plants. As you divide just make sure that you have a good size root bulb for each plant, about a double handful.
  3. Prepare your planting holes for your new plants. Dig holes 2 to 4 times larger than the plant you are planting. If you have rich soil, amend it with slow realize fertilizer. Use a small handful and mix it well with the soil.
  4. Now, place the amended soil into the plant holes to bring the perennial crown slightly above the surrounding grade while holding the plant in place. Fill the sides of the hole with the amended soil. Pack the soil tightly to eliminate any air voids.
  5. Cover the planting area with 4 inches of mulch, and water thoroughly. If you transplant in the spring you may find your lilies may not flower until the following spring, you have to think of it as a long term investment. Day lilies can overrun your garden so it is wise to split them if this happens.

Hostas are very popular in a shady garden and can take up a lot of space if you need them to; they are known for their foliage in many different shades. You may have neighbors that want to split these with you, which is always ideal and will save you some money.

It’s a perfect thing to do this long weekend!

Nicola Bishop



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