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About 10 years ago, I did a screen-printing course with Kingy Carpenter at Peach Berserk. Her tables were covered in industrial felt that immediately caught my attention.  My tactile sensibilities fell in love with this felt and I started thinking of things that I could make with it. I do this with a lot of materials.  Then a few years later I started to notice felt products appearing in certain stores.  That’s when my love affair was reignited.  The products I found came from a company called FELT. Kathryn Walter is FELT Studio.

When I arrived at Kathryn’s new studio, I commented on how clean it was since I was expecting to see fluff everywhere from her recent project with Johnson Chou.  But Kathryn, ever considerate, cleaned it better than I clean my house! So organized! I was shown her wall of samples.  It was amazing to see how versatile the material is.

Wall of samples


Kathryn’s Studio

Kathryn comes from a long line of felt dealers.  In fact, her great-grandfather started importing felt from Germany, which makes it a 100+-year-old family business.  As a sculptural artist, Kathryn found that using this material was a natural progression to her career.

“Felt is sustainable. It’s a renewable resource, like wood and is amazingly durable”.

Kathryn’s work has brought her all over Canada and into the US.  Her small production items can be bought at MADE, the Textile Museum and online.  She works on large-scale commercial and residential projects as well.

On now, you can see Kathryn’s work at the Bulthaup Showroom, 280 King St. E, Suite 100, and at the Gladstone Hotel, with her Patchwork Exhibit.

Bulthaup Showroom

And you can purchase her beautiful felt products on her site here.



My favourite is the Briefcase. Nah! I love them all!



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Ok, get your pens, BB’s, iphones, calendars, whatever, because the real fun starts Monday January 24th. Toronto Design Offsite, that is.

If you really want to find out how rich and prolific our design culture is here in Toronto, these are the events you must go to.

Here’s the low-down:

1. Hard Twist  – Started Nov.26 to Jan. 30.  Deets here.

2. Tools – starts Jan. 24th to 30th.  Deets here.

3. Capacity – Jan. 26 to Feb. 6.  Deets here.

4. Do West – Jan. 27 to 30.  Deets here.

5. The Open Lattice – Jan. 27 to Feb.27.  Deets here.

6. MADE at Home – Jan. 27 to Feb. 12.  Deets here.

7. Imaginando Lota – Jan. 28.  Deets here.

8. Come Up To My Room – Jan. 26 – Feb. 6.  Deets here.

9. Love Design Party – Sat. Jan. 29. FREE! Be there or be square!  Deets here.

10. What To Do Design Talks –  Sat. Jan. 29.  Deets here.

I know the list looks a bit big, so take your time and come back to this page as often as you wish over the next couple of weeks.

And the best part!  There’s an itunes APP that you can download, so you can keep it all organized!  Now that’s thinking guys!

My BB is already full!


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