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Happy Monday everyone!

I’ve finally readjusted to my new life back at work full-time and I’m so pleased to share some fun things that I’ve experience these past weeks.

One very exciting event that occurred about a week ago was the BILD(Building Industry and Land Development) awards; or the housing industry ACADEMY AWARDS, as we in the industry like to call it.  And if you’ve been around as long as I have, then you’ll remember them being called the SAM (Sales and Marketing) Awards.  But that’s when BILD was called the THBA or Toronto Home Builders Association.

I’ve been out of the game for a couple of years and so it was exciting to see old friends.

This year BILD received over 1000 submissions for the 46 categories.  The judges were industry professionals from all over the country.  I don’t envy that job because it’s a very difficult task choosing from so many amazing developments.

The Pinnacle Awards went to:



GREEN BUILDER OF THE YEAR Low Rise – Empire Communities

PROJECT OF THE YEAR Highrise – Five St. Joseph

PROJECT OF THE YEAR Lowrise – Mount Pleasant Village

To see the rest of the winners this year check out the BILD Awards, and see if you are living in an award-winning development!



Happy Easter Monday!


Happy Passover to all of my non-Easter friends out there.

The tale of the Easter Bunny has always been a mysterious one for me, being a rebellious Catholic and all.  When my children started questioning the Resurrection stories (not from me) and how the Easter bunny came into the picture, I would inevitably tell them something like  “God had a pet Bunny…..”  They were too smart to believe me.

But now all of my questions have been answered, and it all makes sense.

Click here for the true story of how the Easter Bunny came to be.

Thanks Patty!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

About 10 years ago, I did a screen-printing course with Kingy Carpenter at Peach Berserk. Her tables were covered in industrial felt that immediately caught my attention.  My tactile sensibilities fell in love with this felt and I started thinking of things that I could make with it. I do this with a lot of materials.  Then a few years later I started to notice felt products appearing in certain stores.  That’s when my love affair was reignited.  The products I found came from a company called FELT. Kathryn Walter is FELT Studio.

When I arrived at Kathryn’s new studio, I commented on how clean it was since I was expecting to see fluff everywhere from her recent project with Johnson Chou.  But Kathryn, ever considerate, cleaned it better than I clean my house! So organized! I was shown her wall of samples.  It was amazing to see how versatile the material is.

Wall of samples


Kathryn’s Studio

Kathryn comes from a long line of felt dealers.  In fact, her great-grandfather started importing felt from Germany, which makes it a 100+-year-old family business.  As a sculptural artist, Kathryn found that using this material was a natural progression to her career.

“Felt is sustainable. It’s a renewable resource, like wood and is amazingly durable”.

Kathryn’s work has brought her all over Canada and into the US.  Her small production items can be bought at MADE, the Textile Museum and online.  She works on large-scale commercial and residential projects as well.

On now, you can see Kathryn’s work at the Bulthaup Showroom, 280 King St. E, Suite 100, and at the Gladstone Hotel, with her Patchwork Exhibit.

Bulthaup Showroom

And you can purchase her beautiful felt products on her site here.



My favourite is the Briefcase. Nah! I love them all!


On this gloomy day, I wanted to share some lovely art from Louise Cass.

Louise has been an artist her whole life and has travelled the world, creating beautiful images from her experiences.  She has exhibited in Milan, London and North America and has collections all over the world.  Louise opened a new show this past Saturday at the S. Walter Stewart Library in East York.  A gem of a library with lovely modern architecture exposing expansive spaces.

Even though the weather was cold and rainy, Louise saw over 60 people at her reception. The yummy treats of fruit and cheeses and an assortment of delicious breads from newly opened Cliffside Hearth bakery helped provide sustenance.  And the very pleasant sounds of pianist Alan Zemaitis made me happy to be in this special space.

Check out Louise’s complete works and then visit the S. Walter Stewart Library to get a real-life view of her beautiful work.


I’ve been lucky enough to visit Milan about 4 times in my life.  And the saying “Milan works, so that Rome can eat!” always pops into my head whenever the name is said.  Milan is an industrial city with areas of extreme beauty and areas of big city decrepitude.  And I’ve stayed in both areas.  For those of you who have taken the train into Milan will know what I’m talking about.  It’s here, many years ago, that I saw tagging at it’s most prolific.  It seemed that everywhere outside of the Duomo district, buildings were tagged. This shocked me. And then I heard that the mayor at the time was of the opinion that if the people weren’t bothered by it then why should he do anything.  That’s the Italian way.

Milan is home to some of the biggest design shows in the world and the Salone Internazionale del Mobile is one of them.  This is the biggest design event in the industry. And yes, I missed it again this year!  It ended this past Sunday April 17th. Oh well, there’s always next year.

I’ll mention the interesting pieces found at the show in future posts, but today I came across the Palazzo Segreti; one of the many hotels servicing the show.  But this one is special.

Palazzo Segreti, is a new concept hotel conceived and designed by Roberta Tibaldi and her husband Francesco, “Palazzo Segreti is designed as our home. A house is open to the guests with a warm touch but at the same time, respecting their privacy. In a more and more media-oriented world where Privacy fades, Palazzo Segreti recovers the charm of mystery, of knowing how to retract and relax – perhaps – to regain our truest innerself. For Business man it’s a refreshing retreat, for tourists it’s the discovery of the Italian allure and flavours”.

In Italy, it’s all about the food, art and architecture and the Tibaldi’s have done a beautiful job combining all in their hotel.  They have liaised with Lia Rumma Gallery to bring their guests the newest in artists work.  And architecture was completed by Brizzi+Riefenstahl-Studio.

The design of the rooms is what caught my attention.  The use of Venetian plaster is so fresh when combined with modern pieces. Italians know how to do “sexy” really well.

For your next trip to Milan, stay at the Palazzo Segreti and let me know how your stay was.


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